Greenebaum Enterprises, Inc.

Contact: Michael Greenebaum
Work Phone: 410-484-8400
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Greenebaum & Rose Associates is a privately owned real estate company formed in 1981 and operating in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. While we are involved in all property types, our most notable achievement has been in two sectors: office buildings and large scale mixed use developments.

We have no predetermined criteria that define the size, location or type of property to be considered. Instead, we look for special situations presenting complex property, strategic, and financial issues which require significant intellectual capital to realize value.

Our goal is not unique. Our method is. We expect to take risk commensurate with potential profits. We do not work for fees. We operate as a principal. With our own capital invested in a project, we share both risks and rewards. Greenebaum & Rose places a great deal of emphasis on its management capabilities. While others often rely on third-party managers, we act as both an asset manager and property manager for the properties we develop and acquire. We believe our real estate, with few exceptions, outperforms the market in all aspects, including tenant retention, occupancy, rental rates and profit margins. This success is substantially due to our “management by ownership” philosophy. As an owner/manager, we are able to move quickly and efficiently without the burden of multiple layers of decision making.