Harbour School

Contact: Mr. Lou Prudente
Work Phone: 443-394-3760
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Our mission is to provide a supportive, caring and individualized education to students with learning disabilities, autism, speech language impairments, and other disabilities like ADD/ADHD in grades one through twelve by assisting each child to attain academic and personal achievement and success commensurate with the child’s abilities. Personal achievement includes success in social, physical and vocational skills.

Our students are encouraged and challenged to stretch and reach beyond what they are doing. They compete with themselves, not with each other. And what our children do, they learn. Children are rewarded and praised for their achievements and encouraged to try again if they do not meet with success. At The Harbour School, children find acceptance for whom they are and they are taught to celebrate the differences in others as well. Teachers are sensitive to each child’s social and emotional well being, as well as to academic needs. Discipline is incentive-based, encouraging cooperation and reinforcing positive behaviors.