Cherry Blossom Hemp

Contact: Derek Spruill
Work Phone: 301-325-7231
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At Cherry Blossom Hemp we summarize our products in 5 simple words.

Safe, Pure, Effective, Dependable Relief.


Cherry Blossom Hemp is brand of premium hemp-derived extracts headquartered in the Washington, DC Metro area. Our focus and message have always been on the importance of full-spectrum, true-to-the-plant, hemp extracts as a safe & effective way to help get temporary relief of specific ailments. Ailments that are common to all men & women such as relief of everyday stress, situational anxiety, mood disruptions and even occasional aches and pains. The team at Cherry Blossom Hemp has been participating in the U.S. hemp industry since 2017 with the goal of sharing the positive impact of full spectrum hemp extracts, particularly Live Resin, to all those that can benefit from them! Although our products have changed over the years, our belief in the power of full-spectrum hemp extracts have not. We remain passionate about educating the public on hemp, it’s power to boost our economy, save our planet and nurture the human body.

The re-emergence of a worldwide hemp industry has allowed Cherry Blossom Hemp the opportunity to share the importance and effectiveness of this amazing plant, particularly the multitude of beneficial full-spectrum extracts that only hemp can produce. We believe that your health, both physical and mental, can be managed naturally. We also happen to believe that the absorption of key botanical compounds, those primarily found in hemp, the very same one’s found in OUR extracts, can be a very effective way to help achieve this.

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