Baltimore Signsmiths

Contact: Todd Werner
Home Phone: 443-392-2244
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Baltimore Signsmiths works in partnership with its customers to ensure that their target audience gets the message they need them to. Signs, graphics, and displays are visual tools, and we collaborate with our customers to communicate their messages in the most effective way possible. We are experts and craftsmen, and we are always looking for ways to use better, newer, and more unique materials and techniques to craft signs, displays, and graphics to more effectively capture the attention of our clients’ intended audiences. We want our customers to choose us because we aren’t just making a product; we are helping them to craft an image of success.

The President, Todd Werner, spent the last 30 years earning and utilizing his training as a CPA to focus on a career in corporate accounting and financial management. He changed his life path from managing other people’s businesses to managing his own business and, in turn, bring a level of professionalism typically associated with the financial services industry to an industry that is pivotal to the function of commerce in our country. Throughout his career, Todd’s focus has been on using his professional training and education to work with others to make the most of their financial resources. He relishes the opportunity to bring that same focus to the manufacturing and installation of signs, graphics, and display solutions for businesses.