B’More Dance Academy/Karen Sachs

Contact: Katie Reynard
Home Phone: 410-833-3733
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I’m Karen Sachs and I’d like to thank you for your interest in our dance academy. I began teaching in 1980 and over the years, have developed a philosophy of teaching dance. I believe that through dance, a child can learn rhythm, grace, balance, and most importantly, self-confidence, while creatively exploring movement.

While learning these things, children need to have fun and enjoy themselves, while also being challenged. It’s a delicate balance that we teachers strive for; enjoyment, education, and pride in a job well done. Yes, we want your children to have fun, but we also want them to learn all that we have to teach. We never know where our experiences may lead us.

Our staff looks forward to welcoming all students, new and return, this fall for our 38th year in the industry.