David S. Brown Enterprises, Ltd.

Contact: Monique Cydylo
Work Phone: 410- 363-3434
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David S. Brown Enterprises LTD is a full-service real estate company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. Since inception, our commitment to personalized service and high-quality construction has exceeded the expectations of our tenants and partners. With a forward-thinking approach, we serve the community through socially conscious development and infuse each project with our firm principles of loyalty, stability, responsiveness, and quality. Our entire portfolio is handled in-house, minimizing the need for external consultants in construction, design, and architecture. For our consumers, this means cost-savings, expedited timelines, and fewer miscommunications – delivering a project efficiently and effectively.

David S. Brown Enterprises is one of Baltimore, Maryland’s most groundbreaking real estate companies providing development, construction, leasing, sales, and management services.