What would you do for your business or career if money was not a concern? If you had all of the funding that you needed, would you hire, advertise more, create a subsidiary or something else? There is a saying ” act as-if”. What that suggests is to visualize that the obstacles which are holding […]

Change can be scary. We are all creatures of habit and when our lives change, it can be uncomfortable. However, being uncomfortable may not be negative. To lose weight, we change our eating and activities habits. It may be “uncomfortable’ for a period of time, but the results that come from this change are worth it. […]

We wish you all a safe and fun 4th of July. The 4th is the day that we celebrate our independence. We thought for fun we would dig up a few interesting facts about this holiday. Here you go: 1. Author Kenneth C. Davis has revealed that the 2nd of July may actually be the more […]