THB Bagelry & Deli

Contact: Paul Williams
Work Phone: 443-291-7060
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It all started when four young Italian cousins, who grew up in the restaurant business, tasted the most delicious and authentic bagel sandwich in a little bagel shop in the heart of Towson.

It was an unassuming little shop with a sign that read “Towson Hot Bagels” on the outside. And while the location had less than 15 seats, we had a passion to share our positive energy with the world through our food.

Being a first generation Southern Italian family, we understand that we’re not necessarily the first people that come to mind when you hear “bagel shop.” But, with our heritage, three things reign supreme: family, love, and sharing passion and energy while lingering over a fresh meal with friends.

We built our stores to reflect the lively piazzas of our sunny town. A warm and vibrant place where the smell of fresh bread and bacon fill the air—where people can stop in for a quick coffee, or chat about life and culture while enjoying an overstuffed, fresh sandwich.

Every day we wake up excited to share our energy by serving fresh, delectable ingredients. It’s our hope that our restaurants become a small part of you, and that we can encourage you to go out and share YOUR passion with the world.

We were excited to give the THB positive energy to as many people as possible! We wanted to create the same experience in other neighborhoods so we worked hard to open new locations to give other communities what Towson was enjoying.