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Save Money on Your Utilities by Joining our Energy Co-Op!

The Northwest Chamber of Commerce has partnered with energy management experts, CQI Associates, to administer and manage the Chamber Energy Purchasing Cooperative since 2004 for both residential and commercial properties. The increased purchasing power of the Chamber Purchasing Cooperative has allowed members to receive lower rates than they could typically attain on their own.

The Clean Energy Jobs-Renewable Portfolio Standard Bill implemented by the Maryland Legislature on May 23, 2019 could result in increased electricity rates by 14% to 18%.  The Bill contains an option to avoid this increase if a contract is signed prior to October 1, 2019. Therefore, seeking a long-term contract extension (or a new contract) now could help you avoid a potential cost increase.

Once you lock in your lower fixed energy r ate,  you will  receive one bill from your  local utility company . Nothing changes except you receive lower rates .

To start the process, contact Joe Tabeling at 443-472-3870 or joe@cqiassociates.com

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