State Bills

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CHAMBER POSITIONS: I-795 / Dolfield Boulevard Interchange: The Chamber has taken a position in favor of the proposed interchange. In a letter dated October 27, 2003 to Secretary of Transportation Robert Flanagan, the Chamber supports the Phase 1 – Feasibility Study scheduled for fall 2004. Furthermore, we requested funding for the Phase 2 – Planning Study to be included in the 2005 budget. The Chamber believes the interchange is vital to the continued economic growth of the region.

Updating State Liquor License Laws: The Chamber has taken a position in favor of updating license laws as they apply to restaurant owners in Baltimore County. Current law restricts the number of licenses that an owner may hold, thus creating a hindrance to restaurant expansion in our area. The Chamber believes that with a carefully managed license expansion program (e.g. a gradual increase over a set period of time or special licenses within a designated growth area), local business will benefit from the new commercial, residential and employment activity generated.